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Good News

Monday, May 31st, 2010

My BCCA doc called this morning with fabulous news.  The results of my last LEEP (from May 11) are in, and everything looks fine.  No more cancer in the biopsy, so I’m good to go.  They still want to talk to me about future options, as I think they expect this to come back and we should have a game plan, but for now, it’s all peachy.

I’m booked for our discussion on July 14.  In the meantime, I need to go harass my GP, because it looks like she never sent in my referral to the UBC Fertility Clinic.  (Honestly, I’m starting to feel like it’s time for a new GP.)  Hopefully our next newsflash will be to say we’re booked in at UBC, and that we have some excellent plan underway 🙂



Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Everything went according to plan yesterday, and my second LEEP (the one that’s supposed to make me cancer-free) is now done.  Hooray!

For the most part, I was outwardly pretty relaxed about it, though internally I was feeling really impatient.  I was a bit concerned that my lingering cough would be a problem, as they don’t like to jam breathing tubes down your throat when you’ve got a respiratory issue.  But they checked me out & were confident that I was a-ok: no fever, no fluid in the lungs… just a tickly cough.  On the upside, the nurse that did my IV had magic-hands, and not only did I barely feel her do it, it hasn’t bruised at all.  Nice difference from last time, where I ended up with a massive bruise due to a painful (and gross) failed attempt.

I woke up in much more pain than last time.  It’s sometimes really hard to even identify what the pain is, or where it’s coming from when you first wake up… you just feel bad.  The nurses are great about it though, and have a pretty good idea of what you’re feeling (in my case, sharp pains & cramping), so they’re all prepared to make you feel better.  Within moments of me complaining about the pain, they had dropped a cozy hot blanket across my belly and had dosed me full of amazingly fast acting, really strong, happy-land painkillers.

Frank brought me home, made me tea & a bowl of soup, and I updated my FB status to let folks know I was ok, and then I hit the sack.  I slept pretty much all day.  I had somewhat bad dreams, probably fallout from the leadup anxiety &  the painkillers, but otherwise felt ok but loafy.

I’m still feeling sluggish today, and a bit of pain, but little enough that conventional painkillers will be fine.  I’m going to lay low today, and probably be back to work tomorrow.  It will take a few weeks for the wound site to heal fully, but that has nearly no impact on one’s feeling of well-being.  I’ll be checking in with the doctor in a couple of weeks to see what they say about yesterday’s procedure.  He sounded confident that this should take care of it, so I’m going to run with that & consider myself healthy.


Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Well that was a nice surprise!

I got a call from the BCCA today telling me my LEEP is scheduled for Tuesday May 11 at 10:30am – WAY sooner than I expected based on yesterday’s confusion.  That makes me pretty happy!

I’m also happy that they booked me for a general anaesthetic just like last time.  I know it’s overkill, because really these procedures take almost no time to do, but I’m very twitchy and anxious, and need to be sedated/unconscious for this stuff or it’s just a hellish experience for everyone.  When I last discussed with the doctor, I agreed to try a local with sedation, but I’m actually really relieved that they’re just opting to knock me out.

Frank will be my ride & take care of me while I recover.  The immediate recovery (from the anaesthetic & whatnot) is very quick and fairly painless… a day or two of loafing and I’ll feel fine.  The wound will take 4-8 weeks to heal, but it’s not very noticeable or painful at all during that process.

The only downside is that the date collides with a nice social/dinner plan that was booked for that evening, but it’s worth rescheduling so that I can get the surgery over with.

Wish me luck!

A couple blogging together… How sexy is that?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

So Claire and I have been going through some challenging times lately (I’ll let her expand on that a little, when she’s ready) but it seems that she felt that having a space dedicated to sharing the details of this little journey online made sense, so it falls to me to set something up.

As it happens, I registered the domain “” eons ago, and it has never been put to any good use since then. It was always intended to be the site about the two of us together rather than either of our solo exploits. Even the name speaks to that, although I’ll let her also tell the story of that another day.

So here we are. After a little noodling around with the setup shortly after New Year 2010, I got a lovely little standalone WordPress install rolling on our webserver… And now it looks as though this thing might even serve a good long-term purpose. And if that wasn’t already an adequate outlet for my geekery, I’m currently tapping away at this post from the dedicated WordPress app on my iPhone. Neato!

Hopefully we will both have lots of interesting stuff to share here real soon. Hugs to anyone who might take the time to read this!

Oh and just for fun, here’s a shot of me in my sporty blueness, which is an easy thing to include when the vehicle for your blogging happens to be a cameraphone. 😉