Cerclage Update

Gah. Yesterday sucked hard.
When I woke up from the cerclage, Frank & the doc were there to greet me, which was nice, but the news was scary. Apparently, the procedure was really, really necessary. The kind of necessary in that if I hadn’t had it done right away, I most likely would have lost the pregnancy. The doc said that from the two LEEP procedures I had for the cancer, my cervix was a mess, and was already not doing it’s job. Gross warning for the next sentence: my poor cervix was already open enough that she could SEE inside to the birth sac.
So yeah, that stitched that right up.
Now that it’s stitched, there’s less to worry about, but I’m still high risk, and they’ll be keeping a close eye on me. I have a followup on Feb 18, and that should show that the suture is doing it’s job, and everything’s still bundled up properly in there.
They wheeled me into recovery around 11am, and I’d expected to be out by noon, like usual for morning day surgeries. All you have to do is pee and they let you go. It sounds arbitrary, but sometimes surgeries like that shock the system and you “forget” how to pee, so they make sure you can before they take out your IV or let you go home. But I couldn’t go. Hours passed, tons of water drank, and I still couldn’t. 3pm, they finally do the drastic measure of draining my bladder for me (really, REALLY unpleasant), because apparently that fixes the forgetful bladder thing. You still have to sit around for another hour, traumatized by the catheter experience, drinking more water, and then prove that you peed before they let you go.

At around 4pm, I finally got out. Exhausted, barfy, generally freaked out… and really hungry!
Frank took excellent care of me when we got home. Tucked me in on the sofa with water & juice to drink, made me toast when I was feeling barfy from the anaesthetic, and put lots of entertaining stuff on the TV for me to watch or nap through as I wished.

Taking it easy is my job for the next couple of days. Staying mostly horizontal, drinking lots of fluid, and letting my body recover.
And then on Monday, we get the fun of another ultrasound, this time it’s the nuchal translucency scan, so we’ll get to watch the womb-show for a good long time while they do their measurements.


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  1. Arwen Says:

    I must have heard you hit submit on this post. Even though you hadn’t showed up in my feed this morning, I came on by anyway, tho’ I’d forgotten your appointment date.

    But what scary news! I’m very glad you got your cerclage done in time. A bit of taking it easy is a very good thing. My brother was born after that level of dilation at the end of the first trimester – the pregnancy maintained with cerclage. A little support is a good thing!

  2. TL Says:

    Well the bladder catheter thing is good practice for labouring with an epidural. It’s just one of a multitude of embarrassing events!

    Glad you got the cerclage in time. I know a few people who have had them and they worked – but generally require insane amounts of bedrest. I hope it goes well for you.

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