We had our first “official” visit to our new doctor yesterday, and it was loaded with coolness, planning, and information.

Frank was with me this time, so he got to see Hokey & Pokey in action, and hear their quick little heartbeats.  I admit I cried a bit from all the awesome.  The doc put some images & video on a disc for us and we can bring that disc back every time & she’ll keep loading it up for us.  Yay!

Hokey and Pokey… 10 Week Ultrasound from Helianthus Photography on Vimeo.

I’m stunned at how totally organized and on the ball they are.  Both the doc and her assistant/receptionist are powerhouses and had everything I could possibly think of (and a whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t think of!) pre-prepared for us.  She already has us booked up with all the appointments we’ll need, straight through until April!  Since we’re having twins, we’ll get ultrasounds every month, which is fine by us.  We love to see our little wigglers.  The cervical cerclage (small surgical procedure to reinforce my compromised cervix) is booked for our anniversary on Feb 2, & I’ll probably take the next day off too.  Also, while she’s doing my cerclage, she’s going to do a PAP to make sure that my cancer is still gone.  A nuchal translucency scan & bloodwork is booked for Feb 7, my cerclage follow-up is on Feb 18, they’ll do a detailed ultrasound on March 25, and then a regular ultrasound on April 21.  May/June/July will also have regular ultrasound appointments, but they’re not booked yet.

Very interesting is that while we were there, the results of the blood they took on Tuesday came in.  They checked my blood type (my mom said I was O, but I didn’t know for sure), and it turns out I’m actually AB negative.  I don’t know much about blood/blood types, but apparently there’s also a thing called RH factor that is very important to know about when you’re pregnant.  Apparently, I’m RH negative… and although we haven’t checked him, if Frank was RH positive, Hokey and/or Pokey could be RH positive, and then my body might have an immune response to them, and essentially send antibodies to attack the babies’ red blood cells.  How screwed is THAT, eh?  Luckily, there’s a shot for this, so just before we left, the good doctor jabbed me in the butt with the reassurance that all will be well.

We hope you enjoy the little clip of Hokey & Pokey.  It’s a little fuzzy, and they’re still really small, but you get the idea.  They’re about the size of strawberries now. 🙂


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  1. Bhyrn Says:

    So much awesomeness (said he, grinning from ear to ear)!!