Scary Weekend, Good Outcome

Well!  It’s been an emotional couple of days.

I had a bit of a scare this weekend, with two episodes of sudden bleeding.  I knew “spotting is normal”, but it seemed like too much too fast to be “spotting”, even though it did stop on it’s own almost as fast as it started.  I didn’t want to be hysterical/paranoid, so I decided to wait & see if it happened again.  I knew there were lots of things that could cause a bit of bleeding, and it didn’t necessarily mean that anything was really wrong.  But even so, I blamed myself a little bit for jinxing it (by letting myself get excited about a baby shower), so between fear and guilt, I had a good ol’crying jag.  But the rest of the day was ok, and Sunday was ok, so I felt ok about not rushing to the hospital in a panic, and decided to wait until my scheduled doc appointment on Thursday this week.

But when it happened again on Monday night (last night), I decided that I’d call the doctor in the morning.

The receptionist was awesome, called the doc for me, and called me back within 10 minutes to tell me the doc says she’s not worried, everything is probably fine, but considering my history (being an IVF patient, carrying twins, and having had 2 leep procedures for cancer, etc), she thought we’d all feel better if I got looked at, so to head into the BC Women’s & get assessed.  Even better?  She’s the attending doc there today!

So, I went to the hospital, and they were totally prepared for my arrival.  They gave me the whole nine yards: blood, urine, ultrasound, and a look at my cervix.  The ultrasound showed some dark spots, likely to be subchorionic hematoma(s), and very likely the source of the sudden, short-lived bleeds.  (Subchorionic hematoma just means a blood clot under the placenta).  Even if I bleed a bit again, as long as it’s the same kind of thing as before, it’s totally fine.  The only thing I should get worried about is if I get tightening/cramping feelings (not the sharp pokey ones), in which case I should go to emergency right away.

Beyond that, everything is totally peachy.
Both heart rates are perfect, and they were both awake, so I got to see them both wiggling around.  They have little mitteny-hands 🙂

And, I love my new doctor, SO MUCH.  She’s so bright and clear, and yeah, totally cheerful, and clearly loves babies.  She was super awesome, very relaxed, great bedside manner, and was so NOT in a hurry about the ultrasound.  She hung out there with me for quite a while, both of us just staring & grinning at the screen, watching Hokey & Pokey wiggle around.

In light of my cancer treatments & compromised cervix, we talked about doing a cervical cerclage (a stitch that reinforces my cervix so it can’t open early), which I’m totally on board for, so she’s going to book me for that shortly and will do the procedure herself.

So, I’m not to do any more worrying, because everything is cool, and I’m to take it easy for a couple of days.


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