Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise 🙂

I like that this little acronym sounds a lot like “pupae”…. it keeps with the gestational theme & I dig it.

I had the embryo transfer yesterday, and it went totally fine.  They transferred the best three, which were really very good ones, but said the other 5 were not super awesome.  If they were perfect, they’d have frozen them for us right away, but since they were not “great”, they’re going to keep growing them for a few more days in the lab and see if they shape up or fizzle out.  I’m to call in on Monday and check their status, and if any of them look promising, they’ll be frozen for us.

So….. we just wait now.  And remember to take the progesterone.  And remember to take my vitamins.  And remember to not drink coffee or booze.  Sheesh.  And whether it really works or not, I get to experience early pregnancy symptoms for a while.  Currently, I have an epic headache, amazing sore (and giant!) boobs, and I’m still kinda sore & crampy in the belly.

And apparently they don’t leave it to the fallibility of pee-sticks… I’ll be heading in for a blood test on December 9th to confirm it one way or another.

Fingers & toes crossed!


3 Responses to “I’m PUPO!”

  1. Sue Says:

    So very amazing! *hugs*

  2. Zeukko Says:

    Here’s hoping those little eggs stick! Sending you tons of baby dust.

  3. Zeukko Says:

    Have you POAS yet? It’s about 12dp now isn’t it? So crossing my fingers for you.

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