Pain… I has it

Owie owie owie.

It’s all good news though.

Yesterday’s egg retrieval went very well.  TEN eggs were collected, and the phone call from the lab this morning said that EIGHT of the ten fertilized.  So yeah, success!  I’m to call back tomorrow to be told when to come in for the embryo transfer.

If you want all the details of yesterday’s adventure, here they are.

It was all pretty much as I expected, except for the Atavan not kicking in very quickly.  In fact, I’d have thought it didn’t kick in at all were it not for the lamp on the ceiling above the procedure table doing a bit of a weird dance every now & then.  They gave me generous helpings of pain killers, and even though I was technically awake, I was really rather stoned and not super connected to the part of my body that was being invaded.  They turned the monitor around for us so that Frank and I could see the eggs being removed… it was quite cool.  We could see the big black circles that were the follicles, and then a little white line would pierce into it, and it would all just suck up into it and be gone.  One after the other went like this until each ovary was empty.

Then off to the recovery room to, well, recover.  This was mostly uneventful except for the vasovagal episode (essentially, it’s like fainting).  Apparently it’s common for people to have this happen during the procedure, or just after, but mine was a bit unusual in that it was rather delayed.  They tell me my heart rate dropped to 50, my breathing was super shallow, they couldn’t get my blood pressure to read, and my face went grey… so they gave me a shot of atropine to counter it, and I was fine.  On my end of things, it just felt very uncomfortable, and frustrating.  Like I was trying to fight off a dissociative state, and like I wanted to kick and thrash but was completely unable to.

Eventually, I started to wake up properly, and was given lots to drink, and a bit of cookie to nibble on, so they let me go home.  Leaving the hospital is super foggy… I remember being very cold, and walking VERY slow, and I remember falling asleep in the car.  I have a vague memory of getting into my pajamas and getting tucked in under the electric blankey on the sofa, and my next coherent memory was Frank waking me up to give me grilled cheese sammiches and tomato soup.  Frank’s the best.

I slept on the sofa all day and evening, occasionally waking up to eat, drink, or look at something on the television, and take more pain killers.  I eventually went up to bed & slept some more, and woke up this morning, still in quite a lot of pain.  It’s annoying pain… not enough to keep me home from work, but enough to make it hard to stand up straight.  It’s all “icepick pains” as my grandmother used to describe…sharp little pokey pains, sort of like nerve-pain, all over my pelvic region, but especially in the ovary/uterine area.  I walk very slowly, and am very careful on transitions between sitting & standing.  Even rolling over in bed had to be done gingerly.

So I’ll be working today & tomorrow, and then sometime Thursday, they’ll be putting 3 embryos back in, and freezing the other 5.

Fingers crossed!


3 Responses to “Pain… I has it”

  1. Arwen Says:

    EIGHT fertilized! You guys are SUPERSTARS! That’s awesome, y’all.

    I had that same vasovagal thing happen when I had my IUD inserted (extraction was fine). It was so weird, and they weren’t really prepared for it, and neither was I.

    I’m very glad Frank is there and taking care of you, and I’m happy about your fabulous blastocysts. Good luck on Thursday!

  2. Gabriel Says:

    Congratulations! You’ll have a big bucket of kids. 😀

    On the vasovagal event, I’ve had that happen to me after a thyroid biopsy. My BP fell like a stone to 90/60. Scary. So I get how you must have felt. I recovered without drugs after about 20 minutes. It was a strange thing.

    Good luck!

  3. Jessica Says:

    WOOOO!!!! That is freaking AWESOME!!! Good luck and my fingers are crossed for Thursday!

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