OK To Go! I’m OK to go!

Holy cow!  Big freakin’ day!

Today was my LAST blood/ultrasound appointment… and also my LAST Suprefact sniff, and my LAST FSH injection, and this evening, I just took the trigger shot that will tell my ovaries that it’s time to start winding up to crack the eggs.  Which, I must say was the most nerve-wracking injection I’ve given myself over the last couple of weeks, mainly due to it being a larger gauge, and not being as easy to poke.

Anyway, enough of the poke-talk for those that are poke-averse.  Lemme throw some numbers at you to distract you from the ookie-ness.

First, let’s talk E2 (estriadol) levels.  When I started this thang, I was clocking in at 105… whatever that means.  We watched it creep up slowly at first, and then suddenly, whammo – my ovaries started responding to the FSH injections, and follicles got big, and that E2 number started to climb.  It took 4 days to get from 105 to 219, then only 2 days to get to 611.  Two days later, 1711.  Two days after that, 3654! Holy crap, no wonder I feel like a wingnut.  Today? 5812.  Every time I think of that number, I imagine that dude from Dragonball Z shouting: “It’s over 5000!”

Now here’s the really crazy numbers.  For this, I really suggest you look at a ruler… because when you picture how big this really is, your jaw’s gonna drop.

So, I’ve been feeling a little… tender.  Bending over is pretty difficult, gotta be careful about how I sit… pretty much anything that puts pressure on my belly has been really unpleasant.  Oh yeah, and about every half hour, I feel like I might need to pee.  Annoying.  Here’s why.

I’m sporting at least 6 follicles in each ovary… more actually, but those are the only ones they’re measuring.  This morning, the biggest follicle was 24 mm.  Now look at that on your ruler. That’s a freakin’ GRAPE.  Now imagine 6 of those on each side.  I’m hauling around bunches of GRAPES in my belly!  No wonder I’m tender!

Here’s a visual aid.. this is about right.  This weird little plastic toy has 6 x 20mm spheres:

Yeah, so that’s about the size of ONE of my ovaries.  Imagine carrying two of those around, right next to yer bladder?  It’s only when I imagine it that I start to think about how totally unnatural it is to be doing what I’m doing.  I’m tricking my body into making as MANY ripe eggs as possible… as opposed to the one (or two) that normally fluff up in a regular cycle.

Anyway, she said the “medium sized ones” will probably get bigger before retrieval, so there’ll be a really nice crop to collect.  As of this morning, the right side had the following 7 follicles (in mm): 24,19, 18, 18, 15, 14, 14.  The left had only four worth mentioning: 22, 17, 16, 11, and a couple of smaller ones that probably won’t get big enough.

So, as of today’s clinic results, I was to stop taking all medications, with the exception of my final injection, the hCG shot that would trigger ovulation.  Apparently it takes 36 hours for the follicles to reach their final stage of maturation and be released by the ovaries, and since Science knows this, I’m scheduled to go in for the egg retrieval right BEFORE the ovaries let go of their clutch, so that that the good doctors can liberate them artificially.

Here’s how the next couple of days are gonna go:

I’m gonna sleep tonight, and tomorrow, I’m gonna move around very gingerly, and enjoy one whole day of not putting any hormones in my body.  I’m gonna have an awesome dinner with friends, and I’m gonna go to bed real early.  I’ll get up at the crack of dark on Monday morning, take the Atavan they were so kind as to pre-supply me with, and be in waiting room 2 by 8:15am.  Frank will toddle off to the (ahem), special room, where he’ll supply them with his portion of the genetic material.  He gets to hang out with me while I’m in my semi-conscious/semi-sedated stupor while the doctor does her thing… which I won’t describe because it will really ook  you out.  Frank will take me home and I’ll loll about on the couch all day and recover.  Meanwhile, the docs will be putting everything in the petri dishes to see what happens.

I’ll work Tuesday & Wednesday, and at some point I’ll talk to a nurse who will tell me how many eggs fertilized and what time to be at the hospital on Thursday. When I go in on Thursday, they’ll be placing 2 or 3, three-day old embryos back into my belly.  Those embryos will be responsible for implanting themselves into my uterine lining, but they’re supposed to know how to do that already, even at only 3 days old.  Apparently some folks get nervous that they might “fall out” but the nurse described it as more like “putting a piece of lint into a peanut butter sandwich”, and not to worry too much.

After the transfer, I get my first dose of progesterone, (which I will take daily for 2 weeks) and go home to keep my feet up for another 24 hours.  Then it’s business as usual while I wait two weeks to pee on a stick.  And that’s it! That’s what I’m doin’ for the next few weeks of my life.  Fingers crossed for the best Christmas present ever.

….And, congratulations to those of you that caught the Contact reference 😉


6 Responses to “OK To Go! I’m OK to go!”

  1. Arwen Says:

    What I wanna know is this: if they don’t harvest ’em all, and then some release naturally and you two get it on that night, is it possible to be IVF’d and naturally implanted AT THE SAME TIME?

    I just blew my own mind.

    I am also going to go google the part that might really ook me out, because I need to know how they reach those ova. There seems only two possibles.

    John and I often mutter “OK to go” at each other, btw, especially when slightly freaked out.

    Holding you and your soon-to-be blastocysts in the light, y’all.

  2. Claire Says:

    Arwen, you are full of awesome. Thank you so much for the good mojo.
    So far as I know, their standard procedure is to suck ’em ALL out… so there probably wouldn’t be a rogue egg left over to get illegally fertilized. Also, they ain’t fertilized yet till they get ’em in the dish, and I’m supposed to hold off on nookie till likely after that rogue leftover would no longer be viable anyway.
    The ookie part is…. it’s sorta like the regular old vaginal ultrasound I’ve been getting every couple of days as the follicles have been growing, but with an added poke. They use the ultrasound wand to look at the ovaries and see what they’re doin’, and attached right alongside the wand is a GIANT FUCKING NEEDLE. The needle sucks out all the fluid from the follicles, including all the wee little eggs, and then they sort it all out at the lab. Thus the twilight sedation so that I don’t start screaming my head off and clawing at their faces. Honestly, this is the only part that really ooks ME out.
    Apparently the embryo transfer is way easier. Back in the preparation days, they did a “mock transfer” to measure how long a catheter they’d need to get the little jujubees in the right place (I’m an 85, apparently), and that was really like a glass of nothin’ and a side order of whatever.
    Ok to go is win. Frank & I say it to each other too, in exactly the same circumstances 🙂

  3. Amara Says:

    Science! Magic!

  4. Tamara Says:

    I’m glad to hear so many are fattened up! I saw Frank on Thursday, and I think he said there were 2 at that point. Yay!

    I like the bit about the peanut butter sandwich, that makes me feel a lot more secure about the eggies sticking!

  5. Zeukko Says:

    Hey there. I was doing a search of UBC fertility when I happened upon your blog. We’re also at UBC. I’m on my 2ww for my 4th IUI right now. If it’s not successful, then we’ve got an IVF consultation in January. I appreciate your honesty about what you’re going through.

    Good luck with everything. Sending you lots of baby dust and hoping your 2ww results in a BFP!

  6. Nikki (Puss) Says:

    Wow! Kudos to you, Claire, and to Frank as well for support, in this endeavour! You’ve had to go through so much…something that too many people take for granted, especially those that don’t bother to take care NOT to get pregnant! I really feel for you, and I’m sure I’ll cry when you finally get the happy news!!! Super positive fertility energies being sent your way! Gentle hugs to you, lovely lady, you’ll make the most awesomest mommy EVER!!!

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