Fingers Crossed

Ultrasound this morning showed a buncha follicles waking up.  Five or so on each side, looking bigger, but still not super awesome.  However, there’s one on each side that are looking nice & fat.
He said I should expect to see a spike in my E2 over the next couple of days, and hopefully the other follicles will catch up to the big ones.  He also said there’s a chance that the 2 bigs ones might dominate the cycle and be the only good ones we get.  He didn’t say anything else today, but I know two isn’t enough to do the egg retrieval for IVF, but I also know that might be enough for IUI.
Anyway… they just called me back with my blood results and my E2 is up to 1711 (from Monday’s 611) – quite a jump, and “good” according to the nurse that called.  So YAY.  They’re keeping me at 375 today & tomorrow, next blood/ultrasound on Friday, and we’re all crossing our fingers that the other follicles catch up & we get a nice big batch of eggs.


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  1. Arwen Says:

    My fingers and toes and knees and ears are crossed!

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