Think Stimulating Thoughts!

I’m about a week into the FSH jabbing. Last Tuesday, they set my initial dose at 150 iu of Gonal-F , and told me to come back on Saturday for an 8am blood test.

First, I have to say that getting up at 7am on a Saturday, after having performed in the Taboo Revue the night before (and still another performance to go) was not at all fun.  Frank was awesome and booked a CAN car to take us there, and as soon as we got back, we went straight back to bed.

When I called for results at lunchtime, they said I was responding a bit slow, so they doubled my dose.  Up to 300 iu for the next 2 days, to see if that would get my hormone levels up where they wanted them.  Having already done 4 days at 150 iu, that meant I only had 300 iu left in my $900 injection pen.  So, back to the pharmacy to drop another $900.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I inject about $300 into my belly every evening at 8pm, but at least I get Airmiles on it.

Back to the clinic this morning for a blood test and an ultrasound to see how the dose-doubling was working.  We took the bus this time, and seriously… it sucked.  Morning transit traffic sucks in general, but we were also relying on the #17, which apparently is having a chronic lateness problem due to an unrealistic schedule.  We figured out later that a smarter way to go (rather than the 9 to the 17)  is the 84 to the Canada Line, as the hospital is quite walkable from King Ed station.

Anwyay, we were really late.  The fabulous morning nurse took me anyway, even though I was technically later than her closing time, and then upstairs to ultrasound.  Those dozen follicles they saw last time are still there, and are a bit bigger, but not AS big as they want them.  The doc said it’s possible that even if my body is producing enough FSH of it’s own (which is a blood test I’ve had before that had normal results), if my ovaries are not responding well enough to the FSH, that might start to explain why there’s been no babies.  She said she expected my E2 (estriadol) levels to be up quite a bit today, and to call for the results & my new dosage.

She was right about the E2 levels… up to 611 which is pretty good, but they want to really make sure things wake up, so they’re upping my dosage again.  Up to 375 iu today & tomorrow, and then back in for blood & ultrasound on Wednesday.

So think stimulating thoughts for me!  Hello wee follicles, wake up!


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  1. Diana Says:

    Many stimulating thoughts coming your way… although surely some of the stimulation felt by your audience at the Taboo Revue must have bounced back to your ovaries.

    What I mean to say is… stimulation for everyone! Or something. Sending magical baby dust your way,


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