Buserelin and I are not friends.

First, sniffing that crap doesn’t get easier, although it is a great reminder to breathe more deeply more often.  All the (near) hyperventilation required to take this stuff gets me all lightheaded.  Half the time, my aim isn’t perfect and instead of going straight up into my sinus, it hits a surface, liquefies and tries to run back out my nose, so I tilt my head back and sniff frantically to catch it.  Lather rinse repeat twice more.  By the time I’m done, I go sit down, sniff and blink a lot until the fireworks behind my eyes let up.

About an hour after I take my dose I get a headache.  That nasty, sinus-style headache that’s all in the front of your face, plus a burning/irritated feeling high up in my nose.  You know when you’ve been out in the snow too long, and you’ve frozen and dried out your sinuses from breathing cold air too long?  Yeah… like that.

Oh, and along with the headache? Fatigue, (sometimes) nausea, and a sudden onset of acute stupidity.  Can’t focus, can’t think, can’t do the thing with the thing that wanna just go-do-think – ugh, GOD! Somebody do this thing for me because I’m fucking RETARDED and have to go to bed now BLAAAAAARGH.

But about an hour after that, it seems to all pass and I’m pretty normal again.  Except for the emotional hair-trigger.  And apparently this one (Buserelin) isn’t even as crazy-making as the FSH.  Frank, I apologize in advance!


2 Responses to “Blegh”

  1. Arwen Says:

    Hormones are of the crazy, but our bodies do eventually figure out the hormone fluctuations. Here’s hoping you acclimate quickly enough to lose the headaches, at least. Although I imagine shooting rubbing alcohol up your nose will never be charming.

  2. taryn Says:

    What an exciting journey you guys are taking together. We are rooting for your uterus! XOX

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