Double Tap

Booyah!  Cancer doc & fertility doc, all in one day – DONE!

Cancer Appointment

Cancer doc visit was short – so short they probably shoulda just called me instead of making me go in… but whatever.  Mostly they just wanted to make sure that there was nothing fishy going on since the last LEEP, and to make sure I was booked for another followup, which I am (September 10), and to give me an opportunity to ask questions.  I didn’t really have any, other than: Is there anything about this stuff that I should relay to my fertility doctor?  Apparently all he needs to know is that I’ve had “two LEEPs for microinvasive cervical cancer”, and he can take it from there.”

She said they’d keep an eye on my cervix for a while (like a year or two), to make sure I’m still clear, and in the meantime, good luck with the babies.

After a breakfast break and a bit of time killing, I met up with Frank & we headed to the fertility clinic, which was awesome.

Fertility Appointment

We’ve got the same doc as we had a few years ago, a good-natured Brit that likes to grin & wink.  He totally didn’t give me shit for being frustrated and not following up back then, in fact he blew it right off, saying “totally understandable”.  He gave us the straight dope on statistics & whatnot, and we were totally in agreement on going straight to IVF.  The fact that we’ve gone seven years with no apparent pregnancies means our chances of natural conception (per cycle) is about 3%, or LESS.  With a clomid-style drug therapy, we’re still looking at only 10-20%, tops.  IUI, maybe 30%.  IVF, 40%, maybe better.  He said he’d recommend the IVF to us based on how long we’ve been trying, even if we weren’t concerned about the cancer coming back, so it was great that we were all on the same page.  I asked about the LEEPs potentially weakening my cervix (as I’d read about that), and he said no worries.  Apparently he’s been treating a woman who had 2 LEEPs and then a trachelectomy, (means she doesn’t have a cervix at ALL) and they’re gettin’ her pregnant anyway – so yeah.  Totally doable as long as the genetic material plays nice together.

So, we’re officially on the fertility treatment train as of today.  We’ve got a couple of basic tests (blood & swimmers) to do first, and then a mandatory IVF counselling session.  As the doc said, “as soon as we say IVF, Health Canada assumes we’re going to rip you off”.  The counselling is reported to the gov’t so that they know that we’re being attended to properly and everything’s on the up & up.

It’s not going to be cheap… we’re looking at about $7000 per attempt, and it’s possible that it won’t work the first time, so we need to be prepared for it to cost two or three times that.  I’m thinking about throwin’ a fundraiser 🙂

Man, it feels great to have all this finally underway!

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5 Responses to “Double Tap”

  1. Edd Says:

    I love the all at once of it.
    Congratulations and good luck.

  2. Bhyrn Says:

    Seems like all the elements are coming together. I hope your luck continues to increase exponentially. But I hope even more that you get pregnant naturally while this is all getting underway, just to baffle, shock and amaze you! So stop reading comments and go make babies!

  3. Arwen Says:

    oOOOoo. A fundraiser! We’ll happily give some cash, and I have food and skills to donate to put into a silent auction or whatever, if you want!

  4. olivia Says:

    i am so happy for you both.
    please let me know if there is anyway i can help with fund raising

  5. paul Says:

    Good to hear things re looking up!! Congrats!
    Wink Wink, nudge nudge!!

    (maybe you want to move back to Qweebeck for a few months.. as IVF is now a government funded proceedure here..)

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