Well, that’s annoying.

I was pretty sure the doc said they’d call me with my next LEEP surgery date, but they’ve never taken this long to get back to me before.  I wondered if maybe I heard wrong & I was actually supposed to call them to get the date.  As it’s been nearly two weeks since my pre-op discussion and I hadn’t heard back yet, I decided to call in & see if I was supposed to be waiting, or calling, or what.

Blessings on the receptionist, who was clearly confused but still patient and helpful….and blessings on me for not saying “WTF?!”  Apparently, she couldn’t find any note anywhere indicating that I was supposed to have another surgery, and she can’t book me without a directive from the doctor, so now I have to wait.

She’s  gonna call me back “probably next week” she says, so that’s going to push my surgery to later than expected.  They’d originally said mid-May, but with this time loss, I’m probably looking at early June.  Hopefully it won’t collide with when Frank’s out of town 🙁



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