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A couple blogging together… How sexy is that?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

So Claire and I have been going through some challenging times lately (I’ll let her expand on that a little, when she’s ready) but it seems that she felt that having a space dedicated to sharing the details of this little journey online made sense, so it falls to me to set something up.

As it happens, I registered the domain “” eons ago, and it has never been put to any good use since then. It was always intended to be the site about the two of us together rather than either of our solo exploits. Even the name speaks to that, although I’ll let her also tell the story of that another day.

So here we are. After a little noodling around with the setup shortly after New Year 2010, I got a lovely little standalone WordPress install rolling on our webserver… And now it looks as though this thing might even serve a good long-term purpose. And if that wasn’t already an adequate outlet for my geekery, I’m currently tapping away at this post from the dedicated WordPress app on my iPhone. Neato!

Hopefully we will both have lots of interesting stuff to share here real soon. Hugs to anyone who might take the time to read this!

Oh and just for fun, here’s a shot of me in my sporty blueness, which is an easy thing to include when the vehicle for your blogging happens to be a cameraphone. 😉